Water Park Guidelines

Deer Valley Lodge Water Park does not allow the following items:

NO Personal Coolers, Food or Beverage (per Wisconsin Laws & Regulations), Cigarette’s or Glass
Food & Beverage available for Purchase in the Rusty Nail Saloon

NO Water wings (Life vests & Puddle Jumpers allowed in the pools, but not on the slides)

NO Rafts or Large Water Toys (Small water safe toys may be brought in at your own discretion)

NO Foam Noodles or other Foam Pool Toys

NO Diapers — Children not toilet trained are required to wear swim diapers with a plastic diaper cover over the top (Forget one? Purchase it at the Front Desk)

Deer Valley Lodge Water Park Rules



1. Hotel Guests 12 & Under must be accompanied by an Adult in the Water Park at all times.
*Day Pass Guests 17 & Under must be accompanied by an Adult in the Water Park at all times.
2. Read and obey all posted signs
3. Obey all instructions given by attendants or operators
4. No person should bring glass, cigarettes, or food into Water Park area
5. Ride at your own risk
6. No pets
7. No smoking
8. No diving
9. No running
10. Max time limit in hot tub is 15 minutes
11. NO DIAPERS (Children not toilet trained are required to wear swim diapers with plastic diaper cover over top) (Forgot one? Purchase it at the Front Desk)
12. No water wings (Life vest & Puddle Jumpers allowed in pool, but not on slides)
13. No rafts or large water toys (Small water safe toys may be brought)
14. No foam noodles or other foam pool toys
15. No personal cooler, beverages, food or cigarettes or glass
16. Wristbands required in the Water Park
17. The slides must remain closed when no Water Park Attendants are on duty
18. Minors under the age of 6 are not permitted in the Whirlpool (per HFS 172.29 (3) (f))


1. No person with or suspected of having a communicable disease which could be transmitted through the use of the pool shall not work at or use any public pool.
2. A person with a considerable area of sub-epidermal tissue, open blister, or cuts may be warned that these may become infected and advised not to use the public pool.
3. Any person using a public pool must take a cleansing shower using warm water and soap and thoroughly rinse off all soap before entering the pool enclosure. A user leaving the pool to use the toilet must take a second cleansing shower before returning to the pool enclosure. A person who exercises, applies lotion, or uses a sauna or steam room must shower before using the pool.
4. Spitting, spouting water from the mouth and blowing the nose in the pool is prohibited.
5. No running, boisterous or rough play, except supervised water sports, is permitted.
6. Glassware and similar material with a tendency to shatter on impact is not allowed in the pool enclosure area.
7. Domestic animals are not permitted in the pool enclosure area.
8. Pregnant women, small children, or person with heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, or low blood pressure, should not enter the spa except under the advice of a physician.
9. Avoid use while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
10. Exposure may result in nausea, dizziness, or fainting. Observe a reasonable time limit.
11. Do not bring food, drinks, gum, or tobacco into spa.


1. Must be 42″ tall to ride 20′ water slide
2. Only 1 person riding at a time (No doubles, chains or trains)
3. Exit the plunge area immediately
4, Swimsuits only (No cutoffs allowed)
5. Follow Water Park Attendant’s instructions
6. Must go feet first down slide, keep arms and legs in at all times
7. Goggles are not required but if present they must be worn around eyes and not around neck or head
8. Ride at your own risk
Warning: Failure to follow rules may result in injury or loss of privileges